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You Know Those Things That Make
Remodeling Or Painting Uncomfortable
& Stressful For Homeowners?

I’ve Completely Eliminated All Of Them With A
“Treat-You-Like-Family,” Zero-Hassle Approach.

Homeowner Bill Of Rights

1. Relaxed, Zero-Hassle Consultation
No Gimmicks. No Drawn-Out Awkward Meetings. No Uncomfortable, High-Pressure Sales Tactics.

2. Fair, Firm Pricing
Zero Pricing Games. Just Honest Rates You Can Trust.

3. The “Golden Rule” Promise
Your Home Will Be Treated With The Same Respect And Care We Would Give Our Own Family. Guaranteed.

4. Only Premium-Quality Products
Inferior Products And Materials Are Shown The Door; We Only Use The Best. Period.

5. Cleaner That We Found It
We Go Above And Beyond To Make Sure We Don’t Leave A Mess Behind Us When The Job Is Done.

People Hate High-Pressure Sales & Pricing Games. So My Wife & I Sit With You
For A RELAXED Consultation.

People Hate Sketchy Crews That Are Late, Loud, and Disrespectful. Follow The ‘Treat It Like Your Mom & Dad’s Home’ Rule.

People Hate Jobs That Drag On Forever & Leave A Big A Mess. We ALWAYS Leaves Your Home Cleaner Than We Found It.

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Tommy & Deanna


Let’s face it. A lot of Wilmington-area home improvement companies talk about “good service” and “high quality.” But talking isn’t doing—and many fall down when it comes time to deliver on their “promises.”

The reason why is simple: Most contractors never take time to PRECISELY define their standards and then communicate them clearly to EVERYONE in their company.

We’re different.

Our promises and processes have been thought through with great care, and every employee is trained to meet my high standards. This means our customers get a consistent, stress-free experience and outstanding results. Every. Single. Time.

So what specifically can you expect from me and my team?

Expect Character
I was raised to leave things better than I found them. That’s why my company has a strict ‘leave-it-cleaner-than-you-found-it’ policy. Whether we are painting or remodeling, we thoroughly vacuum and dust the entire work area before the job is considered done.

Expect Competency
It’s hard for me to believe that some painting companies in Wilmington and Jacksonville NC will actually use temporary day labor as workers. We require all new hires (regardless of industry experience) pass a 3-month training & certification process before they are allowed to hold a paintbrush or hammer in your home.

Expect Minimal Disruption
My crews know they are guests in your home. No foul language. No loud radios. Show up on time. Use our dustless sanding tools to cut small debris by 90%. In other words, there is never an excuse to be thoughtless or disruptive.

Expect Professional Grade Quality
Let me give you an example of what I mean. Do-It-Yourselfers and cheaper contractors near Wilmington usually use “contractor grade” paint. I ONLY use premium, professional grade paint. It costs about 10% more, but it looks 1,000 times better and will last up to 10 years longer. Quality always pays in the long run.

And the most important of all…expect….

Expect R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
Everything comes back to ‘The Johnson Home Construction Golden Rule’: Treat Every Home As If It Is Your Mom and Dad’s Home.’ Everything we do – from refusing to play pricing games to our ‘leave-it-cleaner-than-we-found-it’ policy – all centers around complete 100% respect for the homeowner.

I simply won’t tolerate anything less.

If we sound like your kind of Wilmington and Jackson-area home-improvement company, we’d be honored to give you a free consultation and quote.


Tommy Johnson